About GastroRally®

GastroRally Sweden AB  was founded 6 years ago. I thought that an event mas missing, that was suitable for all ages and filled a social role. An evening at Gastro Rally will be an evening that will be remembered with a smile. There will be good food, good drinks and hopefully you will get some new knowledge about Stockholm’s exciting history. And above all, you should get the chance to meet and socialize.

We are moving through historic parts of Stockholm and the restaurants we visit are carefully selected. They should be personal and of diverse nature, old classics and new places with the latest food, wine and beer trends. The important thing is that our partners have as much ambition as we do to ensure that our guests enjoy their stay.If there are special requests, we are flexible and can fix most things. Our aim is to not only meet expectations but preferably exceed them.


Inga Zakrisson

Founder of Gastro Rally Sweden AB