“We have cooperated with Gastro Rally for about three years. The groups come here to eat two small starters with wine. In this way, they get a taste of the evening’s menu which is normally a four- or seven-course dinner. We get the chance to present our food and wine philosophy, based on locally grown products and a solid expertise in wine. Many of GastroRallys guests have since come back to us and we can proudly say that we have given them a good first impression of 19 glas.”

- Peter Bennysson, 19glas

“Gastro Rally often visits us to eat dessert or to have a drink. At noon, our little restaurant is filled with people (it takes a maximum of 50 people) so Gastro Rally finishes their evening here when it has calmed down a bit, and then it is our duty to make them feel comfortable. It seems that they are, as they often stay even after the gastro rally is over.”

- Dan Frank, Operabaren

“When Gastro Rally visits us, we always know when they will arrive, the number of guests and what they wish to eat. Everything is prepared so it is very convenient for us at the restaurant. The host always informs us if there are any special requests. We think it works very well and GastroRally is always welcome back to us.”

- Jessica Björk, Tradition Gamla Stan