“I have been to Gastro Rally through work and have experienced several themes and think it is a really good event. Not only will you learn a lot of things, you will also have a good time. On my fathers birthday, I got the idea that I, along with my sisters should invite him to a Gastro Rally, which was very successful and appreciated. A perfect gift for someone who has it all!”

- Carina Hillerström

“We have a lot of customer events and for us at Mediekompaniet it is important that they reflect the high standards of care and quality, that we have in all our customer relations. Gastro Rally has organized various events for several years that have been very appreciated by us, and most importantly, our customers”

- Karl Fredholm, head of sales at Mediekompaniet in Stockholm

“For the CFO of my husband’s companys birthday, I gave the suggestion that the management team at Etcon Group AB should try GastroRally. We had a lovely evening and since we went to several different restaurants we changed “table companion” and got the chance to sit with everyone in your party. So in addition to the interesting trivia and facts about the different parts of Stockholm we were guided through, we were also served excellent food at all the restaurants we visited. A very fun, enjoyable and tasty activity I highly recommend.”

- Tina Skoog